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My daddies,

the princess and the fairy

My daddies, the princess and the fairy is an illustrated book that helps children from 3 to 5 years old, through simple words and illustrations to encourage the imagination of the youngest, to understand the concept of surrogacy.


The story is told to us by a little girl born through surrogacy in the United States. She explains to her Panda how she was born and how her dads founded her family… all with a lot of love and imagination.


Through this story, the father and author, Yoann ORTEGA treats very simply the notions of gay family, surrogate and donor. Inspired by his own experience, the author delivers here an album full of tenderness, love and benevolence.


With gentleness, this album is illustrated by Christelle PONCHE. Driven by the desire to experience great adventures, it is with her eyes and her child's heart that she artistically translated the words of the author.

This album is a springboard for dialogue between children and their parents whether or not they were born of surrogacy.


Anxious to go a little further in the message, Yoann ORTEGA will donate € 1 per book sold to Enfants d'Arc en Ciel - L'asso to support their actions in the defense of all forms of parenthood and to fight against discrimination against gay and lesbian parents.

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