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- Yoann Ortega, Author -

"This is my first children's book. It came to me when I watched my children growing up and I couldn't find any books that matched them. So I started ... to imagine my daughter talking to her Panda and explaining with simple words how she came into the world. Not knowing how to draw, I had to find an illustrator. It was Christelle Ponche that I chose as her universe corresponded to what I had in mind to illustrate this album.

Self-publishing his book is a real challenge but I have learned so much ... and if this book can help other parents to approach, explain, talk about surrogacy with their children, then I will be very happy. "

- Christelle Ponche, Illustrator -

When Yoann contacted me for his project, I was immediately thrilled! It is a project which makes sense and which transmits its message gently while revisiting the codes of the tale in an original way. Yoann already had an idea of ​​the staging, which alternated between real scenes in a very colorful environment, where the little girl who tells the story to her teddy bear, and the scenes that unfold in her imagination: the story that 'she tells.

I was very motivated and I had only one desire, it was to transcribe all the kindness and love that the first reading had inspired in me. I quickly imagined the characters, I hope you will find them endearing! It is a book that will remain in my heart as an illustrator, and, I hope, in that of our readers.

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